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Person Detail

Directory Detail
Name Rob Adams
E-Mail Address
Employee Information
Title Administrative Assistant III - Travel Assistant
Position Classification Admin Assistant III
Department Admissions
Phone Number 970-491-4031
Office Admiss 
Mailing Address (data temporarily unavailable)
Additional Employee Information
Department (Dept. No.) Admissions (1062)
Phone 970-491-4031
Office  Ammons Hall

What if your listing is incorrect?

The information found in these listings is obtained from a number of database systems on campus.


Students are able to make updates to some of their personal information found in the directory online.

  • For address or telephone number, use the Change My Address/Telephone link in RAMweb.
  • For email address, use the Change My Email Address link in RAMweb.
  • To publish or change your Web site address, use EIDModify.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff must update titles, office locations, and phone numbers through their human resource representative. Only the following items may be updated through eID:

  • Preferred first name
  • First.Last email preference
  • Publication of a Web site address


Chances are if data is missing from your results, or is incorrect, taking the steps outlined in the above section will correct the problem. However, if you have suggestions related to the functionality or behavior of this tool, we would love to hear from you.

CSU's General Phone Number

The University's general phone number is (970) 491-1111, and is staffed during business hours. We can help you navigate the university's many colleges, departments, units, and organizations.